This set of terms and conditions forms the contract between Middleton Hall and the client regarding a wedding/holiday booking.

  • Middleton Hall reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any portion of these terms in whole or in part, at any time. Changes to the terms will be effective when notice of such changes is posted.

  • Middleton Hall has used utmost care to ensure and maintain the accuracy, completeness and currency of information published on this site. We, however, take no responsibility for any errors or omission, though if notified of any we will endeavour to rectify such.

  • Agreement of these terms and conditions is confirmed on receipt of the 20% booking deposit.

  • A 20% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required to confirm a booking. This is 20% of the

    final cost to hire the hall.

  • 6 months prior to the date of arrival a non-refundable and non-transferable 30% payment of the final

    balance is due.

  • 8 weeks prior to your date of arrival final and full payment of the remaining outstanding balance is due.

  • If for any reason you have to cancel the booking the following charges will be made payable by yourself;

    Six months prior to your arrival date – 50% of the final cost to hire the hall 3 months prior to your date of arrival – 75% of the final cost to hire the hall 1 month prior to your arrival date – 100% of the final cost to hire the hall

  • We strongly recommend you take out wedding/holiday insurance to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances.

  • A £200 non-refundable catering charge must be made at the time of booking Middleton Hall. Final numbers for catering must be clearly identified 4 weeks prior to your arrival and final catering charges must be made payable 4 weeks prior to your arrival.

  • A £500 good house keeping deposit (GHKD) is required to be paid to Middleton Hall (MH) no later than 48 hours prior to your arrival at the hall via bank transfer. Failure to pay this deposit will prevent admission into MH.

  • The GHKD is required to cover MH from any damage and breakages to any fixtures, fittings and equipment at MH and within the MH estate.

  • The GHKD covers the full duration of your stay and includes self-catered days prior and post wedding day and also includes your wedding day.

  • MH does not enter into any contracts with any 3rd party suppliers and it is therefore the responsibility of the client who has entered into such a contract to cover any damage caused by 3rd party suppliers in full.

  • Smoking within MH is not permitted. Any areas within the hall that have been affected by smoke will result in a fixed fee of £125 deducted from the GHKD to cover cleaning costs. Smoking areas outside of the hall will be clearly marked. Please ensure your guests respect the smoking policy and use the ashtrays provided.

  • Consumption of personal alcohol on the wedding day by guests staying and visiting the hall is not permitted. Anyone found to be consuming their own alcohol or consuming alcohol in their bedrooms will forfeit 50% of the GHKD. We kindly ask you to inform your guests of this as anyone found to be drinking their own alcohol risk the loss of the Good House Keeping Deposit.

  • Please advise any band, DJ or musical entertainers that we do not allow tape to be stuck to any floors within the hall. For safety they must provide their own rubber trucking to hide and protect cables used during their visit to the hall. Any risk assessment undertaken during their visit must be handed to our manager for verification.

  • MH will seek to rectify any damage or breakages initially however if this is not possible external suppliers will be contacted to provide a quote for any remedial works required. This is from a list of suppliers we have retained and we will not allow any suppliers provided by the client to carry out any remedial work. We aim to refund the full £500 GHKD back to the client within 48 hours on satisfactory inspection of the hall and its grounds. If we do encounter a problem we will collect quotes and invoices from suppliers and aim to refund the remaining deposit back to the client within 2 weeks.

  • Failure to pay any outstanding balance when due entitles us to treat the booking as having been cancelled by you and the above cancellation charges will be applied.

  • To recover credit card company charges levied on the company, we levy a 3% surcharge and this will be added to any credit card payments. There will be no charge for switch, debit cards or cheques.

  • One day hire of the hall compromises of full use of the downstairs facilities excluding overnight accommodation. Hire of the hall ends at 12 midnight. All non resident guests must vacate the building no later than 12:30am.

  • Guests can enter the hall from 4pm onwards and on the morning of your departure we ask you to vacate the hall by 10:00am

  • Under no circumstances can Middleton Hall accept any pets.

  • Middleton Hall cannot accept any liability, whatsoever, in the event of an accident due to children playing or running around the grounds and internal building of the hall. We respectfully ask that parents or guardians keep a watchful eye and ensure their children are always confined within the area of the function.

  • The client before their arrival must provide the names and addresses of all resident guests with corresponding room numbers

  • Middleton Hall cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings or articles left unattended on the premises. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians using Middleton Hall the grounds of Middleton Hall and/or parking facilities at Middleton Hall do so at their own risk. No liability is accepted for loss or damage to vehicles or contents whatsoever.

  • Middleton Hall shall be entitled at their sole discretion to cancel the event upon written notice to the client in the occurrence of one or more of the following circumstances: Force Majeure i.e. acts of god, Outstanding payments.

  • Middleton Hall requires to know of all third party contracts for entertainment or services for an event. Your appointed suppliers must provide 3 weeks prior to the event their current public liability insurance and where electrical equipment is to be used their current PAT electrical compliance certificate.

  • Middleton Hall reserves the right to determine the noise level at an event and the clients are obliged to adjust to this level.

  • Middleton Hall unfortunately can not allow any fireworks or Chinese lanterns to be used in the grounds of the hall. Confetti may be used externally but must be biodegradable.

  • VAT is included at the current rate. All payments must be paid in GB pounds.

  • As Middleton Hall is not a hotel we do not provide a cleaning service during your stay but we can provide

    this service at an additional cost. 

  • Soiled mattresses - Mattresses are checked after every booking. In the event of a mattress being soiled, guests will be charged for a new mattress or sanitisation if the latter is viable. Waterproof mattress protectors can be pre-ordered at all properties and we urge guests with any concerns to request these in advance to avoid any charges for soiled mattresses. 


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