Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is the second largest inhabited castle in England and home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, whose ancestors have lived here since 1309. Now renowned as the magical setting for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, you can relive some of those scenes with a spot of broomstick training, see how the other half lives in the State Rooms and try your hand at some medieval arts and crafts. Alnwick is open to the public from March to October and holds regular seasonal events including summer concerts.

Bamburgh Castle

Set on the rocky plateau above Bamburgh beach, it has far-reaching sea views and provides a dramatic back drop to the beach. This 11th century Norman castle was saved from ruin by Lord Armstrong’s late Victorian restoration and it still provides a home to the Armstrong family today. Explore the casstle, walk along the beach and check their website for any upcoming events that they regularly put on.

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is a 13th century, Grade 1 Star-listed stronghold in Northumberland, famed for action and battles. With its fine rooms, gardens, lakes, fountains and tea rooms, the castle has an extraordinary ownership bloodline which runs back to the 1200s.Just twenty minutes from the seaside, this romantic and thriving castle is perfect for short breaks or family days out! Or if you’re looking for a more chilling experience, as one of the most haunted castles in England, our ‘Torture Chamber’ and evening Ghost Tours are sure to entertain.

Dunstanburgh Castle

Built on the most magnificent scale, Dunstanburgh Castle stands on a remote headland in Northumberland.The castle was built at a time when relations between King Edward II and his most powerful baron, Earl Thomas of Lancaster, had become openly hostile. Look out for the great twin-towered keep and enjoy views of the dramatic ruins from the wave-battered coastline. Dunstanburgh Castle is reached via a beautiful walk from the nearby village of Craster. The 1.3 mile walk along the rugged Northumberland Coast crosses working farmland.

Lindisfarne Castle

This striking 16th century castle was originally built as a Tudor fort. It stands dramatically on a prominent rocky outcrop on Holy Island, which is cut off twice a day by the tide. The thrill here is making sure you know your tide times beforehand or you could get caught out as many have done before. Lindisfarne Castle and Priory are steeped in medieval history.