Environment Policy

Middleton Hall and the Environment

​As we all become increasing aware of our environment and the challenges we all face to ensure we meet our green credentials, here at Middleton Hall we bring this philosophy into our homes without the need to compromise on our guests enjoyment in visiting our luxury retreats.

Within this awareness we strive to meet and indeed exceed our own personal targets and we trust that our guests are encouraged with our commitment to the environment of Middleton Hall and will follow in however a small or large way to follow our philosophy whilst on holiday with us.

Primary Areas:


All of our water supply is sourced from a private artesian well providing a first class clean water supply without the requirement of chemicals.


The heating and hot water supply to Middleton Hall is provided from an automated wood burning Bio-mass boiler with all the wood chip required to serve the boiler being sourced from local suppliers which are certified from sustainable forestry within Northumberland.

As promoted in the history of Middleton Hall electricity was provided from a turbine powered by the natural water of the lakes within the estate.

A project is underway to re-introduce a scheme whereby Middleton Hall will once again provide its own electricity supply with any surplus generated back into the National Grid.

​All the electrical appliances and light bulbs will be energy efficient where practically possible.


All of the generated household waste will have clearly identified receptacles to be placed in including glass items to ensure we recycle all of our waste products efficiently.

The drainage system feeds into a Bio-water treatment plant which feeds back clean harmless water into the watercourse.


Within the estate we have a colony of endangered red squirrel, otters, deer and an abundance of bird life that are provided with natural habitat for a co-existence that can be enjoyed by all our guests whilst maintaining and improving the habitat of our wild life.

Local Economy

Our own supply chain of service providers and employees are all locals and committed to provide their products and services in a manner which reflects their own environmental principles working in tandem with Middleton Hall.